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Totalselfhatred - Solitude

Totalselfhatred - Solitude

Label : Osmose | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Totalselfhatred are a bunch of self-loathers from Finland. The style they play is depressive black metal, which is almost given away by their moniker. ‘Solitude’ is their third full-length and sees them continuing in their familiar niche. Totalselfhatred is in fact one of the better exponents of the style. Tortured screams, melancholy riffing and an outright depressive atmosphere were always their strong points. Normally this was backed up with a hefty dose of rage, hatred and aggression. On ‘Solitude’ Totalselfhatred toned down the aggression and spite and this gave room for synths and strings. Effectively creating an utterly morose and bleak atmosphere, not unlike something ColdWorld would come up with. Still, with the icy screams there is no claiming that Totalselfhatred are easy on the ears. In fact, with the added dramatic effect they’re sounding more discomforting than ever and certainly more mature. Fans of Shining, ColdWorld or Lifelover are strongly urged to check this is out and let yourself drift away in a sea of warm blood.

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