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Krull - The Black Coast

Krull - The Black Coast

Label : Iron Shield Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : South-Americans know how to play metal and there is no discussion about that. And especially when it comes to old-fashioned obscure variants (of whichever metal genre). The Brazilian Krull is such a band. The quartet's music breathes, oozes and sweats metal. The gentlemen play old-fashioned, at times epic, heavy/speed metal that is heavily influenced by bands such as Exciter, Razor, Raven, Priest, Manila Road, Brocas Helm, and countless similar acts. The band comes with strong, catchy riffs and can definitely put the neck muscles to work. It all sounds delightfully old-school as hell and sounds as if it was recorded somewhere in the early eighties. Musically, the band has everything under control and makes a good impression.

My problem with this band, however, is the vocals. Singer Luís switches between rough Viking-like, shouting vocals that reminds of Arthur Migotto from compatriots Hazy Hamlet and Tann from Ironsword, and high-pitched vocals a la Udo Dirkschneider and Cam Pipes from 3 Inches of Blood. Well his tough vocals are not as powerful as the mentioned colleagues, but certainly not bad and fits well with the music. The high vocals, on the other hand, are simply terrible. It sounds more like a screaming witch... who also has a cold. I am a huge fan of high vocals and can generally endure a lot as well, but this really gets very much on my nerves and ruins everything. There is simply no way around the vocals, and so sitting the album out is an unpleasant listening experience. Very unfortunate, because otherwise the music is – as said – great.

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