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Kobra And The Lotus - Prevail II

Kobra And The Lotus - Prevail II

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : Last year I discovered the band Kobra And The Lotus, and I was glad I did. The strong power metal combined with the fantastic voice of Kobra Paige made a big impression on me. In terms of sound I put the band next to acts like Nightmare and Triosphere. Particularly the less recent albums, because some sharp edges had disappeared on the most recent album. That was a shame, of course. Now there is 'Prevail II', indeed, successor of 'Prevail I'. So how are the Canadians holding up now?

Unfortunately, I have to say that this album has somewhat less sharp edges than the previous album, again. That is especially noticeable in 'Let Me Love You', which is in essence just a lame-ass love song. 'Heartache' and 'Modern Day Hero' are just as bad. It is so sweet and polished that it easily could be played on those channels your mum listens to. This is especially surfaces when you put songs like 'Losing My Humanity', 'Fallen Empire' and especially 'You're Insane' next to it. These are tunes as we know and love them, nice and firm, raw and with tormented vocals by Paige Kobra. The rest of the material are a mixture of the mentioned styles, but not really thrilling. If you check this album without knowing the previous ones, you would probably think that this is just another female fronted band. Don't get me wrong however, the music is quite catchy, played well and Kobra is a great singer, but unfortunately I know their previous work pretty well and I fear that this band is drifting off closer to the poppy sound of, for instance, Amaranthe. And that must be prevented. Fortunately there are three really solid songs on this album that show what this is capable of. But that is not enough of course.

I think this is a great band, but that opinion is mainly based on the previous albums. I really cannot recommend this album, except for the mentioned songs.

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