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Kły - Szczerzenie

Kły - Szczerzenie

Label : Pagan Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The Polish horde of Kły are releasing their first full-length called ‘Szczerzenie’. Kły has an interesting take on black metal. Clearly related to other Polish acts such as Furia, Morowe and even Jarun, but they seem to have picked up on the completely dark style Emptiness has forged on their ‘Not For Music’ album. So we get pagan based black metal in a relaxed tempo and depressive post metal infusions and the occasional background synth. The result is quite pleasing to the ear and the combination works out surprisingly well. Imagine Mgla in bed with Emptiness: does that sound like musical marriage that will turn out well? No? Well it does. Perhaps because it is in the honeymoon phase, but for now is Kły’s refreshing take on black metal with ‘Szczerzenie’ more than enough to make me hopeful about their future.

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