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Kardinal Sin - Victorious

Kardinal Sin - Victorious

Label : Massacre | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Put one fast guitar player, one able keyboard player, a tight rhythm section and a high shrill vocalist in one band, and Sweden has another power metal band in its fold. With Kardinal Sin as the band name, it is as if we are dealing with a Powerwolf tribute, but the Powerwolf content is limited to some influences. Opener ‘Paria’ is almost a rip-off of this band, but singer Daniël, who does something halfway Tobias Sammet and Timo Kotipelto makes a clear difference between himself and the deep sounds of Atilla Dorn.

On ‘Walls Of Stone’ the band sounds a bit more Scandinavian (imagine that!) with more melodic guitars and a Stratovarius-like chorus. The title track has the smashing nature of Sabaton, mostly because of the drums. Because the different styles alternate between the songs, the album remains interesting during the whole spin, though own ideas are rare. Fun is ‘Bells Of Notre Dame’, a metal version of the theme song of the Disney film “Hunchback Of Notre Dame”, nostalgia! Other highlights are the rapid ‘Revenge Of the Fallen’, featuring a 70’s touch here and there, and the grand ‘Raven Quote’. It is unfortunate that both songs are found towards the end, the album has a bit of a slow start because of this. All in all this is a fine album in the genre, though it really gives the defeatists who claim that power metal is a dead end a stick to beat with.

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