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Heartwind - Higher And Higher

Heartwind - Higher And Higher

Label : AOR Heaven | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : The band Heartwind was founded in Stockholm, Sweden by guitarist Goran Engvall and keyboard player Mikael Rosengren. These guys wanted to record an album with Melodic rock the way they like it themselves. They started writing for a period of twelve months, which resulted in fifteen songs. Eleven of them can be found on ‘Higher And Higher’. After the songwriting was done, it was time to start searching for fellow musicians to record the album. They ended up with Germán Pascuel on vocals and Peter Svensson on drums as definite members. But there was enough enthusiasm form colleagues to participate. On ‘Higher And Higher’ there are four vocalists, beside Pascuel.

The bio does not give any info on who sings on which song. But, with a certain degree of certainty, I know it is Nina Söderquist who sings on ‘One Night Away From You’ and ‘Through The Light’. She does a splendid job. But the other singers may not be ruled out, and shine on the tracks they are singing on. This is Swedish Rock the way it should be. Perfectly executed with a main role for the keyboards. Title track ‘Higher And Higher’ and ‘Creatures Of The Night’ are heavier songs. Just listen to the phenomenal guitar work on the latter. This album just oozes quality. One, small, criticism could be that the chorus of ‘Don’t Be That Girl’ might be a bit whining. There has to be something to complain about, right? For a sucker for Melodic Rock like me, this album is highly enjoyable. A definite candidate for the 2018 year list.

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