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Grin - Revenant

Grin - Revenant

Label : TLD Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : The German couple Oberg made a record. In a minimal, Om referencing setup (Sabine on bass and Jan on drums) six songs were recorded in their own studio that, if one thing, make clear less is not always more. The thundering heavy fuzz bass and the Bonham-squared pile driving drum blasts create a heavy to digest wall of sound that remains interesting for only a song or two and then bogs up in monotony. ‘Revenant’ sounds like a half time update of the legendary, infamous sessions leading up to Sleep’s classic ‘Dopesmoker’ album (or fiasco). But one that was made at a time when Cisneros and Hakius were still in the middle of laying down the foundations for the monument in the making and Matt Pike was no where to be found. Perhaps he was creating a huge spliff? Who knows. Anyhow, ‘Revenant’ misses the finishing touch, the cream on the cake that was the guitar of Pike for ‘Dopesmoker’. On top of that, the production (or rather the lack of it) makes the low-tuned riffs and drum rolls do not blast out of the speakers as intended. Instead they drizzle into the ear canal like a thick goo and that does not really feels great.

In short, it is clear where the Obergs found their inspiration. It is only a pity they did not use it to create something memorable. ‘Revenant’ shows that there is more to making lasting stoner sludge than an extremely low tuning of your gear.

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