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Gatekeeper - East Of Sun

Gatekeeper - East Of Sun

Label : Cruz Del Sur Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : The Canadian band Gatekeeper releases, if I am right, their first full-length album with 'East Of Sun'. The band has released some splits and EPs since its inception in 2009. None of those are discussed on Lords Of Metal so in that respect this is a first. Gatekeeper plays traditional heavy metal that sometimes tends to doom ('Ninefold Muse') but also has faster pieces like opener 'Blade Of Cimmeria'. The lyrics are an interpretation of a Swedish folktales book. The music that the band brings in fits well with that. A band like Falconer also comes to mind when listening to this album. Just listen to 'Bell Of Tarantia'. The production of Mike Rogerson who previously worked with, among others, Annihilator and Loverboy is well taken care of. Unfortunately, not all songs are equally strong and these are especially the rather long songs where after a minute or six it gets a bit boring. As a bonus you will find two covers at the end of the CD, namely 'Deathrider' by Omen and 'Hall Of The Mountain King' by Savatage in a beautiful version. Honestly, these are also the two best songs on the CD. That does on the other hand not say anything about Gatekeeper. They deliver with 'East Of Sun' just a good but not yet great album.

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