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Blitzkrieg - Judge Not!

Blitzkrieg - Judge Not!

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : As an appetizer fort his new, meanwhile ninth full-length album of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legend Blitzkrieg the single ‘Reign Of Fire’ was released a couple of months ago and that one sounded quite promising. The previous album ‘Back From Hell’ dated from 2013 already, but this ‘Judge Not!’ seamlessly connects to that. Stylewise during their entire career the band was always categorized as traditional heavy metal band with a focus on strong riffs and on this new album they haven’t deviated from that at all. The characteristic voice of singer Brian Ross has always been an important trademark of Blitzkrieg and also this time he determines the overall band sound to a large extent. I myself am not really charmed of his somewhat flat sounding voice, but it definitely provides the band with an own identity.

On ‘Judge Not!’ eleven new Blitzkrieg tunes are to be found (plus a somewhat superfluous cover of Alice Cooper’s ‘School’s Out’), of which especially ‘Angels Or Demons’, ‘Falling Into Darkness’, the single ‘Reign Of Fire’ and ‘Forever Is a Long Time’ are standing out in a positive way. On ‘Without You’ guitar player Allan Ross is taking over the lead vocal duty from his father and he’s doing quite a good job at that. The remainder of the song material can also be graded as above average, but these songs just don’t have the same impact as the already mentioned ones. Despite of the fact that ‘Judge Not!’ has become quite an enjoyable album, Blitzkrieg will of course always be most known because of the fact that a fairly successful American outfit has covered their anthem ‘Blitzkrieg’ in the past. That doesn’t take anything away from the fact that the records of this band, which all truly radiate the love for our favorite music style, as such are and will remain very wortwhile listening to..Therefore you should really support and cherish these kind of bands.

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