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Aepoch - Awakening Inception

Aepoch - Awakening Inception

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : With 'Awakening Inception' the Canadian prog-death metal formation Aepoch debuts this month with their first full length album, after releasing their EP 'Aepochalypse' in 2015. These four Canucks were inspired by bands such as als Death, Beyond Creation, Emperor, Gorod and Allegaeon and the end result is a progressive and melodic cocktail of technical death metal, filled with thrash metal elements and spiced up with some black metal influences. The adventurous and challenging progressive death metal compositions are of high standards and contain finger licking guitar sweeps, guitar and bass solo’s. Especially the fretless bass of frontman Brett MacIntosh has a prominent role in the sound of Aepoch, and the versatile and tight drumwork of Greg Carvalho should not remain unmentioned here. Stand out tracks on 'Awakening Inception' are the melodic 'Delirium of Negation', the aggressive 'Metally Raped By Christ' with its’ very catchy refrain and the title track 'Awakening Inception', on which Hideous Divinity singer Enrico Di Lorenzo delivers a smashing guest performance. Without doubt one of the finest prog death albums in recent times.

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