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Cattail Brew - It's A Bit Difficult Really

Cattail Brew - It's A Bit Difficult Really

Label : Cargo Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : A gritty, convincing voice and filthy, fierce guitars over a rough path of bluesy driving southern sounding rock, that's the road for Waysted front man Fin Muir and his American Dog companion Steve Theado on guitar. Cattail Brew is completed with drummer Keith Pickens, also from American Dog and Joe Viers and Ryan Smith from Snowblynd on bass and guitar. Maybe this can also be called the finishing touch of the 'Dogatized' project from 2013. Anyway, this album is simply a great one; these guys are all about clich├ęs. but they do it so good! This contains everything; the typical southern drive in riffing, the catchy hooks, the gritty, yet soulful vocals, including supporting choirs, and the compelling soloing. The one thing that could be missed is the Cattail Brew version of 'Free Bird', although I think the slightly different 'Glitter' with immersive melancholic atmosphere and tension (and great guitar works) can make up for that quite a bit.

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