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Machina - Ride Revenge

Machina - Ride Revenge

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : The Finnish Machina is not exactly what you’d call active. Their first EP, ’Dark Age Digital’ appeared in 2005, followed by the first full-length album 'Majestic Machination' in 2009, and it's been three years since the last album ’Hellbound Heart’ was released. The latter I found to be a pleasant heavy/power metal album. I was therefore not mournful that I had to review the third LP, ‘Ride Revenge’.

Musically, the band has not deviated much from what they already made heard on their previous albums and comes with (rather standard) melodic heavy/power metal. The opener 'New World Vision' reminds a bit of Running Wild, and with that the album in any case makes a promising start. The following 'Forgery' has a more Accept/U.D.O.-like vibe to it, and although it is not as strong as the opener there is no reason to complain yet. Unfortunately we immediately get a boring semi-acoustic and especially annoying ballad which immediately make the mood collapses. Fortunately the damage is restored with the beautiful, bombastic, rocking and somewhat folky power metaller 'Warmonger's Heyday'; a delightfully cliché and therefore a nostalgic power metal song. Then we get another (80s-tinted) hardrocker with an AC/DC and ZZ-Top-inspired atmosphere. Definitely not bad, but a bit of an anti-climax after its powerful predecessor. And yup, there's a pattern here, because it's time for another, yes, annoying ballad that pulls the power right out. Pity. The following songs do rock, but are unfortunately not that special. The seven-minute, closing title track starts as a ballad and I’m already prepared for the worst. But halfway through the song transforms into a sturdy doom piece with a wonderfully dark and threatening atmosphere that reminds me of Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath, with which the album at least comes to a powerful ending as well.

All in all 'Ride Revenge' is a nice album, but unfortunately does not have the necessary means in order to rise above the average. And for the future the gentlemen would do well to leave out the ballads and focus on (faster) power metallers, because that’s what they do best.

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