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Godslave - Reborn Again

Godslave - Reborn Again

Label : Green Zone | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : The German thrash brigade Godslave has made a good name and reputation for itself in the past ten years and has released four strong albums so far. Although the gentlemen have always used the same formula, they have never made the same album twice. Melody and variety have been playing a bigger role over the years, and an experiment here and there has also always possible been with this quintet.

Last month the fifth long player from the men from Saarbrücken was released, and it has again become a typical Godslave album, but again also slightly different. Aggressive, up-tempo thrash still plays the main role here. This band has always had the gift to come up with cool and incredibly catchy riffs that make it impossible to keep quiet, and this album is also richly filled with just that. Singer Tommy has also developed his clean vocal style further, but still sounds very wrought-up in general and can even more be compared to legends such as Schmier (Destruction), Zetro (Exodus), Chuck Billy (Testament) and Bobby Blitz (OverKill). When it comes to pure thrash the gentlemen fully convince and leave no room for discussion as far as I’m concerned

What is striking about this album however, is that the punk and rock n 'roll influences have been given more space. In addition, the more melodic and technical approach that was mainly shown on the last two albums is further expanded and the material grooves a bit more than before. Naturally all of this has been to the benefit of the variety, but I do miss the power that the typical thrashers, which the band is mainly known for, during such pieces. Moreover, that has also caused the whole to sound a bit more modern, which is something that appeals to me less. Generally, 'Reborn Again' is therefore my least favorite of the five. However, that is purely a matter of personal taste and preference and does not mean that we’re dealing with a bad album or anything. Far from it, because the songwriting is strong and challenging, the musicianship is strong, and also sound-technically the album meets all quality requirements. And as said, aggressive thrash is fortunately the main thing here, which means that even for the straightforward fanatics like myself there is plenty to enjoy and make the album worth the while. Thrash fans should definitely give this album a chance.

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