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Pinski - Sound The Alarm

Pinski - Sound The Alarm

Label : Gentle Art Of Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : ‘Sound The Alarm’ is the debut album of the German group Pinski. Under the leadership of frontwoman Insa Reichwein the band plays an interesting mix of alternative and progressive rock. In the enclosed information I read that Reichwein didn’t want to reinvent the wheel but play really nice rock music. It’s quite refreshing that a band is admitting up front that they won’t be very original, especially in the genre of progressive music.

Supported by guitarist Ian Alexander, bass guitarist Chris Streidt, and drummer Stephan Schöpe, Reichwein has recorded eleven songs, each and every one of them are nice rock tracks with minor progressive influences. Noteworthy is the fact that a few passages strongly remind me of Porcupine Tree or Steven Wilson. Even though the music never reaches the levels of Porcupine tree, the music is a bit too straightforward and the songwriting not good enough for this. There aren’t really any songs on the album that stand out in a positive or negative way, quality wise the album is very consistent. I do have to say that the musicians have really don a great job, especially guitarist Alexander and drummer Schöpe have some very nice parts on the album! Singer Reichwein also does a very good job, her voice sounds nice and fits the music well, sometimes it even contains a bit of distortion. You can hear that she’s from Germany, in the way she pronounces some words, but it’s never really annoying. Het acoustic guitar parts are quite alright, sometimes they give an extra dimension to the music, which is nice, but there are a lot of parts where they don’t really add anything. Lastly, the production sounds really nice. To be honest, there’s not much bad I can say about the album.

In conclusion, ‘Sound The Alarm’ is a good rock album, Pinski can definitely be proud of the achievement. The album never reaches the heights of the greats, but they do have the potential. If you ask me, the band could’ve taken a bit more of a risk in their songwriting. I think this band would be a great fit on most rock and metal festivals in Europe, the accessible sound of the band will be liked by many!

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