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The Lockhearts - Americana Doom Fuzz

The Lockhearts - Americana Doom Fuzz

Label : Golden Robot Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : After the release of a double EP 'Tales From The Sea', the Australian band The Lockhearts come up with their full length debut album 'Americana Doom Fuzz'. Is releasing this on Friday the thirteenth of April something to consider a challenge? Time will tell. My personal first impression is that of a pleasant and easy consumable album. The band mentions Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and hot sauce being their biggest source of inspiration. Indeed; especially Aerosmith and maybe even a bit of Black Crowes can easily be recognised. Driving melodic rock, bluesy country ,sometimes some soulful gospel- like elements, and a zip Brit-pop lead to a varied and accessible overall picture. There are no real killer-tracks, but also no disappointments. Bonus points for some great contributions of the guitar and some really nice harmonica moments; this certainly is a worthy and simply pleasant debut album, making me curious about the next one.

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