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Black Cyclone - Death Is King

Black Cyclone - Death Is King

Label : Gates Of Hell Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Bay Area thrash from Sweden. This is how Black Cyclone can be described best. 'Death Is King' is the debut of these thrashers who do not deny that they get the inspiration from all the great thrash heroes. For example, opener 'Death Is A Crowned King' is built around a riff that could have stood on 'Kill' em All 'and the following' Hordes' is a very big reference to 'War Ensemble' by Slayer. Everything rushes by quickly and the musical craftsmanship of the band is clear. The songs feature flashy guitar solos and it is as tight as can be. On 'Beast Battalion' the pace is slightly lower but again a Slayer riff. The production is old-school without too much frills and fits well with the music. The only drawback to the band is singer Linus Johansson who sounds a bit like King Diamond too much and that does not fit well with the tight thrash. All in all a great debut of this Sweden and if the vocals become a bit more "thrash" the next time the score will also be higher.

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