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Venom - The Singles

Venom - The Singles

Label : Dissonance Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : A few months ago Dissonance Productions released the complete “Assault”-EP series and that one is now followed by this ‘The Singles’-CD, on which the first six singles of this from Newcastle hailing trio are to be found. In the beginning of the eighties Venom knew to attract quite some attention by means of their very raw and also sloppy heavy metal, which musically maybe wasn’t very spectacular but which certainly was responsible for bringing a certain level of innovation within the scene.

Therefore Dissonance Records deserves praise for placing these nowadays quite hard to get singles on one album, which provides you with a good overview of what the band was all about in those years. The debut single ‘In League With Satan/Live Like An Angel’ still sounds very unpolished and raw, but during the years you can notice that more structure was introduced within the song material, without losing its heaviness for one single moment. That brought us some very acceptable tunes in the form of ‘Die Hard’, ‘Acid Queen’, ‘Warhead’, ‘Lady Lust’ and ‘Manitou’, but it also confirms that Venom at that time wasn’t really about their musicianship, but more about their image. That doesn’t take anything away from the fact that they have become a true cult-band during the years and that only deserves respect. Because of the impact that they had in the early eighties, the ten songs that are to be found on this ‘The Singles’ release have been quite important for the development of the metal scene in general and therefore I can only support this initiative of Dissonance Productions.

1. In League With Satan
2. Live Like An Angel
3. Blood Lust
4. In Nomine Satanas
5. Die Hard
6. Acid Queen
7. Warhead
8. Lady Lust
9. Manitou
10. Woman

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