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Eradicator - Into Oblivion

Eradicator - Into Oblivion

Label : Green Zone | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Most reviews I write are about less speedy metal and most of the time the bands are female fronted. I like it though when once in a while one of the promos I get just plain thrash metal, for since my youth I am hooked to bands like Testament and Kreator. Tight riffs and good melodies. Eradicator is a band that delivers the kind of metal that fits perfectly with the mentioned bands. Eradicator was founded in 2004 when the dudes just where fourteen years old. After all these years the band is ready to release their fourth album. It is an album that is very solid with good songs. Just fine but not a shocking one. But damn, if you like Testament and the early-Anthrax I would like to recommend you the listen to this album, just start with the video below!

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