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Commander - Fatalis (The Unbroken Circle)

Commander - Fatalis (The Unbroken Circle)

Label : MDD Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : Versatile, brachial and rough are the words that describe the sound of Commander perfectly. In this case it also becomes clear that we are talking about the death metal band from Germany and not about one of those other bands that bear the same name. The band was founded back in 1999 in Munich and in the course of time they have certainly become a name in the underground for some death metal fans. Ten years after the release of their latest album, it is finally time for their third long-player ‘Fatalis’, which will become available in cooperation with Black Sunset / MDD Records this month.

It seems like the years of absence have really benefit the sound, because on ‘Fatalis’ everything sounds a bit more mature and more sophisticated. Quality over quantity! Commander dare to take the step to deviate from the standard death metal sound and is even driven here and there in the slightly more melodic, groovy side without sounding too playful. Cutting riffs in combination with the guttural grunts and the cutting, floating sound in combination with pounding grooves provide their music with lots of variety and they don’t fear the experimental excursion in other genres. Would you for example expect flamenco in your death metal? Absolutely not, right? All in all a very solid death metal album that is worth giving a try!

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