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Seven Sisters - The Cauldron And The Cross

Seven Sisters - The Cauldron And The Cross

Label : Dissonance Productions | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : The second album by the British band Seven Sisters continues the line set by the self-titled debut album, this means NWOBHM as if time stood still for 35 years. One thing that does not stand still is the music of the opening track ‘The Premonition’, it is squashed out of the loudspeakers at an insane speed. It is evident that the band gained access to more professional technical staff, because the production has taken a huge leap.

The debut album still sounded quite dusty, now we have old-fashioned metal with a sound quality that can live up to 21st century expectations, without losing its charm. ‘Blood And Fire’ is a tasty mid-tempo rocker that allowed singer/guitarist Kyle to showcase his Angel Witch inspired vocals in a convincing way. The entire album clocks just under one hour, and at the end of that small hour we can find the longer songs. Among those, the closing twin songs ‘The Cauldron And The Cross’, clocking about fifteen minutes together. Part one sounds like a jumpy variant on Iron Maiden, closing with church bells and a breather of silence before going to part 2. This second part starts acoustic, but evolves to full metal settings. Fun fact about this second part is that it is absolutely crammed with delicious dual guitar solos, digging up that Iron Maiden comparison again.

A convincing second album by Seven Sisters, a band that proves once again that eighties metal does not know an expiration date!

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