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Of Colours - Entelechy

Of Colours - Entelechy

Label : Redfield Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Of Colours is a modern metal band from Frankfurt Am Main. ‘Entelechy’ may be their debut album but that is not to obvious at all. The members have already gained a lot of experience with other bands. The main part is metalcore, yet the band shows a lot of other influences. And that is only good for the album. This gives it a refreshing and experimental sound and every song has something special. Opener 'Reminisce' may belong in the metalcore, the guitar work is very upbeat. 'Oblivion' then let hear emotional post metal playing. The clean vocals in between reminded me of the voice of John Watts of the legendary Fischer Z, and in 'The Arrival' even an experimental jazz fragment passes by. They close with 'Makeshift Memento'. A solid metalcore song with artistic vocal parts that suggest dark poetry and are reminiscent of Anne Clark. Of Colors dares to come up with something special. As a result, you do not only get to hear a good album. It also shows many unique elements. Fans of the genre can consider this as a must.

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