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Altar Of Perversion - Intra Naos

Altar Of Perversion - Intra Naos

Label : AJNA | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : The Italians of Altar Of Perversion are releasing their second full length ‘Intra Naos’ and you can call that a miracle, since their previous album was released back in 2001. You read this correctly: this duo needed seventeen years to prepare this album. Seventeen years to accumulate all these Satanic thoughts and seventeen years to pour those thoughts into an atmospheric blackened soup. Therefore it is not surprising that ‘Intra Naos' has become an almost two-hour mastodon.

The length of the songs varies from thirteen and a half minutes to a tremendous twenty-five minutes and we are getting six giants like this. Each song elaborates on Pan-European Satanism, defined and exemplified by the Order Of Nine Angles (an occult order that follows the ‘Left Hand Path’), both conceptually and lyrically. The midtempo black metal of Laran and Calus remains faithful to its essence, but the dissonant guitar parts give ‘Intra Naos' a personal character and the layered music full of emotions spreads an enigmatic atmosphere. The production is clear, not homemade but not too modern either. The artwork was done by Denis Forkas from Russia, who also did the artwork for example for 'The Satanist' by Behemoth, A.D.A.M by 'Begerith’, 'Odori Sepulcrorum' by Grave Miasma and 'Thrice Woven' by Wolves In The Throne Room. Not an easy record, but a must for anyone who loves trippy, lengthy and atmospheric black metal. ‘Intra Naos' is available as 2CD set in six-panel digipak with 16-page booklet or 3LP vinyl set in six-panel jacket with eight-page booklet.

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