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Boss Keloid - Melted On The Inch

Boss Keloid - Melted On The Inch

Label : Holy Roar Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Boss Keloid is a band from Wigan, a place not far removed from Manchester. Since 2010 they have been playing together and let me tell you, they are not doing a bad job at all. 'Melted On The Inch' is their third album and follows 'The Calming Influence Of Teeth' (2013) and 'Herb Your Enthusiasm' (2016). The enthusiasm is far from curbed seeing that there is only a small timezone between their former release and this one, and also the enthusiasm is very tangible on all six songs this album holds. Energizing, interesting tracks that leave a remarkably big room for experimentation.

Sometimes people talk about things that are being put in the blender and that something wholly new comes out of it after it being blended, and that is actually exactly what I felt like while listening to this album. Let us assume a hefty, healthy stoner/sludge base, this is the slice of bread on which the blended stuff will eventually be spread. And what is put into the blender, albeit it only in slight measures, are among others folk-influences, power metal and even a bit of reggae. There are songs with certain passages that seem a little stretched and unexpected and all of this together might give you the impression that you are watching/listening to an episode of 'Late Junction'. There is nothing wrong with that, but what I am trying to say is that this is probably an album that you utterly despise or really love. If you like experimenting with sounds this will be totally up your alley, but personally, from time to time, I am thinking: what are you guys doing? And is this really necessary? Alex Hurst's vocals, and I believe this should be explicitly mentioned, are really great. They show some Hetfield-ish swipes here and there, but all in all are very powerful and convincing.

The end result is just a very groovy record with very decent, solid music, that also offers room for new ideas, ideas that are not always very useful or inspired and seem to be introduced just because.... But for lovers of heavy music, this is definitely worth listening to.

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