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Eigengrau - Radiant

Eigengrau - Radiant

Label : Prime Collective | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Eigengrau comes from Denmark and wants to be a lot of things – post-rock, prog metal, metalcore, djent but most of all it wants to be original and attention-grabbing. The band states that it “doesn’t want to be captured by one specific genre” but rarely finds strong footing in its ever changing sound. The guys try to mix the ever so popular Tesseract/Periphery sound with more post-rock influences. Unfortunately, it rarely sticks and much of the music isn’t as original as it should be as a result.

What the band does well is producing – this album sounds stellar and every aspect of it is well mixed. The musicianship is of quite a decent quality as well, but it’s all the sadder that that doesn’t translate into good compositions. Opening song ‘Once I Was’ is a great example – almost twelve minutes of fairly uninspired instrumental post-rock with a modern twist every now and then. Modern metalcore gets a stronger presence later on the album and at times to good effect, but the band can sound a tad faceless as a result on songs like ‘Nuuretarik’ and ‘Arouk’. These shorter songs are way more interesting, but are lacking vocals, leaving a void that’s not filled by anything else. Quite a shame, this album, seeing as how there’s so much missed potential.

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