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Deadline - Nothing Beside Remains

Deadline - Nothing Beside Remains

Label : Bad Reputation | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Before I get into the music the French band Deadline has to offer, a small sidestep. Most of the albums that are offered for review nowadays come to you through downloadpools or zip files. But Deadline has chosen a more personal approach, their album is accompanied by a nice biography folder and personal note from the band. Nicely done.

This record is the second full length album by the band. Their first EP was recorded with known American producer Beau Hill. But, what about the music itself? The band profiles itself as a heavy metal band, but it tends more towards traditional Hard Rock. A song like ‘Fly Trap’ sounds more like Rock & Roll, than Heavy Metal. The album is well produced by Thierry Velly. The compositions are quite basic. Singer Arnaud Restoueix is being compared to Coverdale or Dio in the bio. I can not find the resemblance in sound or vocal capabilities. During ‘Revelation’ he tries to convince the listener with some vocal acrobatics, but the result is poor. When the music does tend to heavy metal, it is because of the old school Maiden riffs in a song like ‘Man On A Mission’. It even vaguely reminds you of Helloween. It is the most convincing track so far, but already the sixth one on the album. In the ballad ‘Silent Tears’ the bands remembers the victims of the terrorist attack in Bataclan. A touching gesture, but the this song also lacks to win me over, especially due to the poor and unorganized sounding backing vocals. You get the picture, this is not a very strong album. Where the packaging is very professional, the inside (the music) stays behind. How do they put it? Never judge a book by its cover.

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