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Downriver Dead Men Go  - Departures

Downriver Dead Men Go - Departures

Label : Freia Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Downriver Dead Men Go is a post-prog (whatever that means) band from Leiden, The Netherlands. They play a rather monotonous, melancholic mix of Pink Floyd, Anathema and The Gathering and those influences become more present the further the album progresses. As emotional as the boys might want to sound, it all becomes incredibly repetitive very quickly and most of that has to do with the one-sided approach to composition and tone – staying sad and dreary for nearly 70 minutes is never a welcoming thing, let alone something you can expect from your listener.

There’s no fire, there’s no relief and most of all the long-windedness of it all gets incredibly tiring after a couple songs. There’s no reason that a song like ‘Loneliest of Creatures’ should be almost 8 minutes long, especially after most of your songs reach past the 7-minute mark anyway. I get the whole longing for sounding dark and dreary, but there’s other ways of shaping that sound than just staying in relative minor keys and playing as if you’d rather be somewhere else doing something more interesting. ‘Prison Walls’ is the only song where I can hear some much needed passion, and even that fades quicker than morning snow when the band drops back into its “melancholic” slow tempo feel for most of the song. There’s so much missed potential here, and so much wasted time that I’m starting to feel that that’s what should make this album dreary and sad, and not the tone of the music.

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