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Iron Harvest - Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest - Iron Harvest

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Every year when Belgian and French farmers are plowing the fields, where during The Great War destructive battles were fought, they are harvesting iron from the soil, in the form of weapons, shells, helmets and barbwire amongst others, the Iron Harvest as they call it. Iron Harvest is also the name of this out-of-the-box death metal band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. The band who named themselves after this rather tragic phenomena, consists of members of Weltschmerz, Wrang, Grafjammer and White Oak. Formed in 2012, it took these five gentlemen six years to release this, their self-titled debut album, but at least the result is pretty impressive.

The death metal Iron Harvest play is all but straightforward; the band mixes fast-paced death metal riffs with influences from thrash metal, tech death, noise and sometimes even some slight progressive stuff. Iron Harvest are masters at chaotic and dissonant riffing, but this organized chaos works really well for their compositions. The band possesses a good dose of humor and I don’t think they want people to take the atmosphere on the record too seriously considering the hilarious and sick sound fragments in between the songs (you have to speak Dutch or German to understand them though) and the cover artwork with a portrait of the bands main influence, Ludwig von Beethoven. I have to give Iron Harvest credit for not taking the easy way with their compositions, they are really chaotic, but well thought out, it shows the band has their own vision of death metal and it pays off. Recommended to fans of chaotic and dissonant death metal!

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