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My Secret Safe - Storytelling

My Secret Safe - Storytelling

Label : Homeless Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Re-release

Koen W. : My Secret Safe is a French metalcore band that took its first steps in 2014. Soon a first EP came out. In 2017 appeared the EP 'Storytelling' which now comes available again in re-release. Hopefully the cause is a growing demand for work from this band, because musically they certainly have convinced me. It is soon clear where they got their inspiration from. Just say all the modern metalcore bands that bring the combination between heavy metalcore interspersed with clean choruses. My Secret Safe certainly is not shy from the use of electronics. Yet, they are pretty good at what they do and it still sounds pretty authentic. It starts with the vocal parts. Rough metalcore in combination with clean vocals. Singer Benjamin has an excellent voice. In songs like 'Can’t Go Back' and 'Storytelling' this is emphasized even more by solid polyphonic chorus vocals. The melodic guitar work shows a rocking background and is alternated with rude hardcore riffs. My Secret Safe knows what they are doing and can bring in a lot of atmosphere. Everything is taken care of and is finished in detail. These guys are certainly ready to make a full album. So keep an eye out for them.

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