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Slavery Farm - Reborn

Slavery Farm - Reborn

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Koen B. : Matthew Altorf (vocals), Daniel Dijkstra (guitars), Xander van Dijck (bass guitar) and Richard Willemse (drums) are Slavery Farm, a new band from the Rotterdam area. The band was compiled by ex-members of Fokkum, The Afterveins and Rott ‘N Damned. ‘Reborn’ has become a self-releaser on digital platforms, CD(R) and vinyl. For info and prices, check their Bandcamp profile, Facebook page or homepage.

Slavery Farm isn’t a band that’s pushing the genre into a new musical terrain but Slavery Farm do what they enjoy and what they do best: playing a mixture of death metal, punk, hardcore, crust and d-beat. This ain’t music for the soft hearted or the average headbanger, this is pure unadulterated underground music. ‘Reborn’ needs a few spins before all the pieces fall in the right place but I guess those smelly crust punks out there won’t regret doing so.

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