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Stormwolf - Howling Wrath

Stormwolf - Howling Wrath

Label : Red Cat Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Stormwolf is an Italian band from Genoa that presents their debut album with Howling Wrath. The band consisting of two ladies and three gentlemen plays a mixture between heavy rock and heavy metal. Unfortunately, the songs and the performance on this debut are not that great. Every now and then you hope that a song will fire ('Fear Of The Past' for example), but even then it stays with no more than a bark from the Stormwolf. Also the mix of the album is not great. Singer Elena Ventura who is not very strong is too loud in the mix while the drums can be heard somewhere in the background. Incidentally, we hear a different drum sound on different tracks. This is not disturbing by the way but a bit weird. Guitarists Francesco Natale and Dave "The Brave" Passarelli save this release a bit but the damage has already been done. If then the "fantastic" 'Al We Are' of Warlock is even worse than the original it is over and out. Ten bonus points for the beautiful album cover.

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