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Temperance - Of Jupiter And Moons

Temperance - Of Jupiter And Moons

Label : Scarlet Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : The fourth album no less by the talented Italian band Temperance! After ‘The Earth Embraces Us All’ and a phenomenal live album ‘Maschere: A Night At The Theater’ there is now ‘Of Jupiter And Moons’. A bunch of line-up changes was not able to slow the band down in their progress, because this is once again a typical high quality album by this band. All the elements that gained Temperance big scores earlier are present in abundance, and fans of metal from Italy can start warming up for this release.

The most obvious line-up change is the departure of singer Chiara and the conscription of now one but two new vocalists, Michele (it might be noteworthy that this is a male name in Italy) and Alessia. Compared to the previous works, this one has bent even more towards a power metal sound, resulting it to be categorized under this banner this time. The opening track is quite Epica-like, though new singer Alessia’s clear voice gives it a different vibe than classical sounding vocal powerhouse Simone Simons. The fun starts right at this song and is increased during the following ‘Broken Promises’, that is one of the albums highlights because of its immensely catchy chorus. The title track is another highlight, this time due to excellent alternation between Alessia and Michele singing, which gives it its typical Temperance sound. A striking moment is the seventies organ in ‘the Art Of Believing’, a fun twist! Also rising above the already high average level is the ballad ‘Empires and Men’, this is one you would want to listen!

Temperance continues to do what they do best, and keep getting even better at it with each new album. This is first class Italian metal, full of bombastic keyboards, double bass drums and insanely great vocals. Are you a fan of metal by Italian recipe? Then this is the album you want to spend your hard-earned money on this month!

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