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Unravel - Eras Of Forfeit

Unravel - Eras Of Forfeit

Label : Testimony Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Unravel from Australia is a band that has issues. The extreme death metal / grindcore is used as a vehicle to accompany all kinds of abuses in society in a musical way. Topics such as the amount of meat that we believe we have to consume, political wrongs or religious hypocrisy are effectively accompanied by razor-sharp and brutal death metal. The grindcore is not far from the sound of Napalm Death, maybe more old school death metal riffs are used but the attitude, performance and social involvement are the same. The first song 'Arbitraitor' hits you straight in the face but the other ten songs are also rock-hard short punches to your body that makes you need to catch your breath after 28 minutes. The average length is around two minutes and the band always comes directly down to business. 'Mortal's Thirst' is another bluntforce trauma to your head with a heavy riff and that violent guitar sound. 'Vermankind' starts a bit slower and regenerates some old school death metal, but then picks up speed just like the rest of the songs. Grindcore is a genre that does not beat around the bush, no fuss but just the hard truth wrapped in rock hard metal songs. Definitely an asset to the genre, this Unravel.

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