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Convictive - Schemen

Convictive - Schemen

Label : STF Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Convictive is a German act and this ‘Schemen’ is their first full-length. Playing melodic black metal in this day and age isn’t easy. At least not the style Convictive chooses to play. With a heavy infusion of the melodic death metal a la Dark Tranquillity and slightly more grimmer acts like Naglfar one has to deliver some truly awesome songs in order to impress. On ‘Schemen’ Convictive clearly shows potential, but the material on offer here suffers from a number of drawbacks. Firstly the vocals are quite weak, raspy hazy but forced and lacking in variation. Secondly, the song-writing is not yet optimal. The songs are varied, but somehow also feel bloated and that is a shame as many riffs and leads are quite good. This in conjunction with the fact that the album thirteen songs in total makes the album feel too long. Still, Convictive convincingly show that they are a talented bunch and with time and experience I’m sure they will be able to deliver a more original and mature album in the future.

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