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Deep River Acolytes - The Hour Of Trial

Deep River Acolytes - The Hour Of Trial

Label : Via Nocturna | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : As reincarnation of Deliverance, Finnish Deep River Acolytes released in 2015 the demo ’From The Voids Of Chaos’, with three songs breathing vintage, psychedelic flavours and doom laden songs. Next they have been working on new material for several years to create a full length album. ‘The Hour Of Trial’ is out by now and we are eager to find out what this Finnish outfit made of it…

Well, there happens to be a proper drive and momentum in the guitar skills of this five piece, a pinch of stoner, rough yet intelligible vocals with sturdy aureole (sometimes with an echo of grunts or bestial raucousness anyways) and fluttering guitar solos with all kinds of distortion from days gone by (phasing, wah wah, fuzz). ‘The Unknown Grandeur’ appears to be a strong, amazing opener and the murky guitars of ‘Deviltrance’ instantly haunt us. In this same song we do not like the high pitched vocal contribution of guest singer Ilkka Harjula, but well, he just has a small part and it is a matter of taste. Now and then (‘Temples Below’, ‘Grave Devotion’) the wall of guitars is relished with keyboards, but it is mainly the variation in the vocals of Joey ‘JT’ Turunen that makes the whole thing really intense. He does his performance with seemingly nonchalant ardour and the roughness reminds us more than once of Spice (ex-Spiritual Beggars). We support what we read in the additional info: this band is young, sounds fresh, yet they are old school as hell. Further tips to listen to: the occult ‘The Uninvited’ and the lengthy occluding track ‘The Undertow’ in which the ghost of The Doors wanders, due to the opening sentence ‘you’re lost little girl’ and the spoken passage. For the rest it is quite a steamy track again. Thus not so much doom on this album anymore, but a wide range of proper vintage hard rock. Funny detail: when choosing for ‘hard rock’ as genre, ‘aor’ automatically appears, but in this case it stands for ‘Antichrist Oriented Rock’ and not for the laidback, polished variation of the eighties. Recommended for fans of Orange Goblin and Kayser.

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