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Vahrzaw - Husk

Vahrzaw - Husk

Label : Blood Harvest | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Vahrzaw has been around since 1992 in various forms, partly due to the unwavering cooperation between the high school friends George Van Doorn and Scott Williams, but before 2006 there were only two demos and one single released. After 2006 Vahrzaw released some EP’s, splits and two full lengths, of which ‘Defiant’ from 2009 has impressed me the most. Vahrzaw is now picked up by a record label specialized in this kind of deafening noise, so their new record, 'Husk' will undoubtedly reach a lot more death and black metal fans.

‘Husk' has become a furious album with death, black as well as thrash influences, but there are also more delicate moments, such as 'The Epitaph Of Garmonbozia (Parts I & II)' in which the slow parts generate a macabre atmosphere. Nick Magur, singer of Adamus Exul and Greytomb does a guest contribution on 'The Epitaph Of Garmonbozia’ by the way. George Van Doorn has a wide vocal range: the variation between his low growls and high screams give the tracks an extra dimension. I have heard that Vahrzaw does not want to participate in the crazy metal scene anymore and the old high school friends have decided to call it quits after this album. That is a pity, but with one foot in the grave Vahrzaw does one last time what they have always done, which is unleashing jackhammering torrents of filth and fury delivered with unrelenting intensity and devastating precision. ‘Husk' offers enough variety to appeal to both black as death metal fans, so if you are reading this, you can go out and blatantly buy this final Vahrzaw recording.

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