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Assumption - Absconditus

Assumption - Absconditus

Label : Everlasting Spew Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Assumption form Italy is a two-men doom death combo which after a demo and an EP now unleashes a full-length album in the form of ‘Absconditus’ upon mankind. The album consists of three which clock in at a total of 37 minutes. Shortest song is ‘Resurgence’ which lasts a little over six minutes. ‘Absconditus’ contains some fine doom death which is quite diverse. Subdued and a little later pure death explosions and then as slow as a sloth on sedatives and then accelerating like a greyhound. No melodic doom death to be heard here at all. Every sung with a deep grunt and as heavy as a blue whale. At its slowest moments it moves along like a glacier and the band destroys everything in its path.

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