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Cardiac Arrest - A Parallel Dimension of Despair

Cardiac Arrest - A Parallel Dimension of Despair

Label : Memento Mori | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Throughout the years the metalscene in Chicago has brought forth numerous interesting and cutting edge death metal bands, for instance Macabre, Cianide, Usurper, Disinter, Master of Broken Hope, who all have had respectable careers in the scene. Cardiac Arrest is another band from Chicago and despite the fact that they have been around since 1997 and have released five full length albums thus far, they haven’t been on my radar. A little research on our own Lords of Metal site shows me that their albums ‘Vortex of Violence’ and ‘Haven For The Insane’ were reviewed in the past, however, none of them received an enthusiastic review.

With ‘A Parallel Dimension of Despair’ the band releases their sixth full length effort that will be released through the Spanish label Memento Mori on April 23rd. With eleven new tracks Cardiac Arrest stay on course playing the old school death metal they have always played. The four Chicagoans do not try to sound original for one second and deliver eleven a dime a dozen vintage death metal compositions for you the listener. Nothing wrong with that, except I am missing real highlights in the forty seven minutes that this album lasts. If I have to call one then it is probably the song ‘It Takes Form’ that has a very catchy refrain and will probably work really well in a live setting. Also, ‘Drudge Demon’ contains a solid midtempo groove that lends itself perfectly for headbanging. Well there you go, I even found more or less two highlights on ‘A Parallel Dimension of Despair’. Die-hard death metal fans that do not care about innovation and prefer their death metal in vein of Grave, Master of Malevolent Creation will probably enjoy this release. But personally I can’t really get enthusiastic about this release since it’s too much of the same and nothing new, nothing special.

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