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Encircling Sea - Hearken

Encircling Sea - Hearken

Label : EVP Recordings | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Before ‘Hearken’ I had never heard of Encircling Sea from Melbourne, Australia. After listening to ‘Hearken’ I really will have to check out the band’s previous albums. Encircling Sea delivers a mix of sludge, doom, death, post rock, post black which goes down extremely well. For the duration of five songs, each of approximately ten minutes, the band manages to fully captivate. They start off subdued with title track ‘Hearken’ and end euphoric during the last couple of minutes of closer ‘Kinsoil’. The five songs are characterized individually and together by a well thought-out structure which, like I said, culminates into the euphoria of the last couple of minutes. So, don’t you dare play the album on shuffle. Put it on, undergo it all and just savour it all.

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