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Crocell - Relics

Crocell - Relics

Label : Longlife Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Crocell started in 2007, released ‘The God We Drown’ (2008), ‘The Wretched Eidola’ (2011), ‘Come Forth Plague’ (2013), ‘Prophet’s Breath’ (2015) and more recent ‘Relics’ which is out through Longlife Records on CD and (white) vinyl. Visit Crocell’s Bandcamp page to obtain a copy of the CD and / or the vinyl and make sure you buy a t-shirt and something from the band’s back catalogue as well.

It’s been seven years I heard some new Crocell tunes and honestly I forgot all about this Danish dynamite five piece. ‘Relics’ had become a very good death metal album. The band had moved into a more black metal direction, which makes this an enjoyable album for both death metal and black metal addicts. This one is so much better as I expected. Do yourselves a favor and buy yourself a copy of this blackened death metal masterpiece that brings back memories of times past.

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