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Abolishment Of Flesh - The Inhuman Condition

Abolishment Of Flesh - The Inhuman Condition

Label : Unholy Anarchy | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Abolishment Of Flesh actually started in 2006 in Texas, United States, but after a demo and a full album they changed the name from simply Abolishment to Abolishment Of Flesh. Actually, this is also a one-man project because everything you hear is done by Ramon Cazares. So guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals. Some help came from guitarist Izaak Chavez. In terms of style you have to think of various types of death metal, varying from Suffocation and Cattle Decapitation to Cryptopsy and Kataklysm, so often very fast, but with the necessary groove and melody.

Most songs are already several years old and now only get the chance to be heard by a wide audience. Opener 'Inhuman Anatomy' is immediately a punch in the face. The song takes off at lightning speed with double bass drums and finger-fast riffs, but makes time for a melodic solo halfway. 'Throne Of Suffering' shows that the band also counts Death as an influence, the period of classic 'Human' to be precise. 'Servitude Of Endless Sufferiing' shows a bit of Kataklysm, especially in the drumming and the irresistable groove. You can hear many influences from many influential bands, but they are more than that. You can have influences and make you sound like a copy of the original, but you can also process influences and forge them into your own sound like Abolishment Of Flesh does. Abolishment Of Flesh has something for every extreme death metal fan, while the band has the potential to later also be considered an influence for other bands like Death and Suffocation are now for Ramon Cazares and Co. 'The Inhuman Condition' is a varied and brutal death metal album, a must-have really.

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