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Hypnos - The GBG Sessions

Hypnos - The GBG Sessions

Label : The Sign | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : This album ‘The GBG Sessions’ is a live registration of the Gothenburg sessions with the new singer Linus Johansson (also known from Trial). The fact that this album is a live album, is not something you would notice immediately by the way; the audience cannot be heard. The opener ‘Ain’t No Fool’ is an appetiser for the upcoming new album and can make you think in the direction of some Iron Maiden influences and the ‘Race With The Devil’ riff. The often appearing double guitar lines, which made me think of Thin Lizzy with previous work, also have some kind of link with Iron Maiden listening to this album, but this is perhaps also caused by the vocal lines, which seem to try to come in the direction Bruce Dickenson. These vocal contributions are not always that successful in my personal opinion. The other track of the upcoming album ‘Looking Out’ is more in the Motörhead direction, and quite consumable I’d say, something that cannot be said of the Abba cover ‘Gimme, Gimme’. The lead guitars get way more space and attention than before, in both twin lines and solo’s, which I can really appreciate. Still, even after several listening sessions, I’m not sure about this being an okay album, or if it’s truly a good one; time will tell.

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