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Bullet - Dust To Gold

Bullet - Dust To Gold

Label : Steamhammer/SPV | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : I don’t think Bullet needs any introduction at all. In the past seventeen years the Swedish quintet has released five solid records and has conquered the world with their old-fashioned, heavily AC/DC and Accept-influenced hardrock and heavy metal.

It’s been three and a half years since the fantastic ’Storm Of Blades’ was released, but at the end of the month the wait is finally over. Let me already say that this sixth album, ‘Dust To Gold’, was most definitely worth the wait. And no, there is nothing new going on and this is another typical Bullet album that you could have expected, and just the way we like to hear it from this band. But with this album the gentlemen do have made another step towards perfection and have delivered a dozen rockers that traditionally guarantee an ultimate rock n’ roll party. This exactly what reminds an old-school maniac like myself why I was once sold to hardrock and (heavy) metal in the first place. Those pounding, thundering drums and hacking, catchy, sharp riffs, screaming solo’s, high vocals and catchy, sing-along vocal lines… just lovely.

I truly cannot say one negative word about this album. For forty minutes long the band completely takes hold of you and delivers the one highlight after another. All twelve tracks are solid compositions and individual highlights. The whole comes perfectly into its own thanks to the fat production. As a fan of the genre you simply don’t have a chance to escape the impact and the additive value is old-fashionably high. The gentlemen have also perfected their skills and tricks on the instrumental level, and vocalist Dag Hell Hofer sounds stronger than ever. Even more so, the man sounds even stronger than Brian Johnson and Udo Dirkschneider in their heyday and easily surpasses colleagues that sing in this style.

Ok, if I had anything to whine about it might have been that the album perhaps could have been a bit longer than hardly 40 minutes. But on the other hand I’d rather have a shorter playing time and only great songs instead of a few minutes more filled with some average tunes. Well, you can start bitching about the lack of originality and blabla, but then you are simply at the wrong address. And besides, when one can come with such powerful, timeless tunes, solid performance and a high dose of power, enthusiasm and conviction, then originality is but a side issue and to be honest totally irrelevant. Shortly put; a tasty and great album and an absolute recommend for each and every headbanger with a heart for 80s hardrock and heavy metal.

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