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Frequency Drift  - Letters To Maro

Frequency Drift - Letters To Maro

Label : Gentle Art Of Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Although German symphonic rock band Frequency Drift has a constant factor in multi-instrumentalist Andreas Hack, we conclude quite a lot of wastage (‘come and go’) in this art-rock collective. Once again the band has another female singer since previous album ’Last’ came out two years ago and she has a more dominant role in the band than her predecessors. Irina Alexa also wrote the lyrics for ‘Letters To Maro’ and her way of singing is multilateral: sometimes theatrical, then low-ranged and storytelling, next song cheerful and poppy with even a semblance of Abba (‘Neon’ and ‘Escalator’). On the former album heavy guitars were still present now and then, on this new album the eleven songs are rather based on electro applications, keyboards and rhythms.

In other words, that’s enough to make us a bit worried and thus we feared that it would get too sophisticated and calm. Well, that’s the case indeed, but it is rendered in such an accomplished manner that you keep on listening with interest. Now and then harp is heard again – always a trump of this band – but it only happens incidentally. Vocals are featured on this album, tastefully relished with quiescent music. Indeed very few guitars on this album, it has more of a classical artful aureole. Some of the songs have Japanese sounds, an enchanting and estranging effect. Strings add some beautiful nuances in the dreamy music. It never gets heavy, but if you want to get an idea of the music from this self-willed band, then listen to the longest track ‘Who’s Master?’ in which Irina proves that it is easy to be led away by her prominent chants, while the band flirts again with Japanese sounds. This is stuff for aficionados of laid-back prog. Personally I miss the beautiful guitar sounds and a bit wilder passages.

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