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Heimsgard  - Following The Starlight

Heimsgard - Following The Starlight

Label : Epictural Production | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : I didn’t really expected a French band behind a name like Heimsgard. Nor did I expect a side-project of Malevolentia guitarist Raido behind this name, because normally he is more about black metal. Perhaps he better could have stayed in that genre, since there are certainly some good black metal influences to be found on ‘Following The Starlight’, but the folk / pagan metal that the two men show us here is as fake as my grandmother’s teeth. With a lot of synthesizers Heimsgard try so hard to create a really epic atmosphere that becomes painful and in the end it sounds anything but epic or heroic. Too bad for all those good ideas and the talent that is totally there. Folk metal fanatics who have a predilection for the overuse of synthesizer instruments can certainly get some satisfaction here, but in my ears it's all just a bit over the top.

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