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Prickrott - Dust Of Osbcure Devastation

Prickrott - Dust Of Osbcure Devastation

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The Dutch industrial black metallers of Prickrott are back with their second full-length. ‘Dust Of Obscure Devastation’ is their first album as a fully fledged band and it shows: it is their most mature work today. The electronic elements that characterised the previous records like ‘Cyberworm’ are toned down a bit in favour of a slightly more traditional black metal approach. Although they are not complete absent and firmly places the album in the industrial/electronic black metal genre. Prickrott are clearly branching out in terms of styles. Clean vocals, more melody in their riffing and even some odd-time signatures. The latter lends the music a slight progressive edge. I like where Prickrott are heading with this amalgamation of styles, which a related to acts like Pavillon Rouge, Heptaedium and Dødheimsgard. Even fans of Anaal Nathrakh might find this to their liking. Although the ‘Bloed Zweet En Tranen’ cover (originally by Dutch singer André Hazes) is totally unnecessary and lacklustre, Prickrott are on a path to maturity and I am curious to see where this path will lead them.

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