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Rotten Sound - Suffer To Abuse

Rotten Sound - Suffer To Abuse

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Sicktus : Rotten Sound? Not at all. The deathgrinding Finnish veterans have given the tracks on this here EP a damn fine, tearing, grooving and sawing sound. On ‘Suffer To Abuse’ –not to be confused with 2016’s ‘Abuse To Suffer’ – the quartet blast their way through seven tracks in some mere twelve minutes and as per usual, they do so with a impressive ton of energy.

The grind these guys churn out is the kind of music your neighbour/co-worker/father/mother/greengrocer (scratch what is not applicable) will never understand: to them, this will forever just be awful noise. But we, dear deathgrind loving friends, we do know better. This is full on, rearing, tearing, clawing, punching, catchy, energetic, moshing till you drop kind of deathgrind. There is a hint of Swedeath in the midtempo heavy buzzsawing bastard ‘Stressed Mess’, leaning almost towards the nonexistent style of grind/doom/core, but on the whole, these guys are in “break things” mode. If you liked their previous release, you’ll definitely know what to do with this one. Fast, high in energy, catchy. Mandatory stuff if you like a lick of oldschool in your grind.

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