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Cult Of The Fox - By The Styx

Cult Of The Fox - By The Styx

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Cult Of The Fox is a Swedish band that releases their third album titled 'By The Styx'. The band plays traditional heavy metal with a strong nod to the eighties. Judging by what is presented on this album, one can only agree with that. When it comes to sound, the band does the right job. The album sounds pretty decent and one pulls up a solid wall of sound. The songs are also quite well composed and the band has two great guitarists in house with Erika Wallberg and Fredrik Theander. Unfortunately there are also some marginal comments to be made with this release and that is mainly about the not entirely tight execution of the songs and the vocals of Magnus Holtman. Where he convinces on some songs such as 'Bones Alley' he does not really do that in a lot of other songs. For the traditional heavy metal fan who does not want to miss anything, this album is recommended. It's a nice addition in the width for the collection. And, listen to the riff of 'Killing The Black Dog'. It sounds very similar to 'Painkiller' from Priest. Unfortunately, the rest of the CD does not reach that level.

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