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Hardcore Anal Hydrogen - Hypercut

Hardcore Anal Hydrogen - Hypercut

Label : Apathia Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : I’ve never seen a YouTube video that’s as telling for a band than what’s posted below. Hardcore Anal Hydrogen hails from Monaco and plays a ridiculously insane form of grindcore where experimentation and genre-shifts are always center stage. Think of Aborted with dubstep, Dillinger Escape Plan with breakbeats and Napalm Death in a modern coating that’s almost (almost) too much to handle. A Shining (NOR) that’s been on a peyote trip for the past 40 days. Would you have the time to check the word “batshit” in the latest Webster dictionary, you’d find a picture of this very band near it.

It’s of no interest to this band how mindlessly destructive their music is – it’s all surprisingly well crafted. Like that TRON-esque ending of ‘Jean-Pierre’ for example; how do you even conceptualize that?! And why would you place it right in front of a song called ‘Coin Coin’ that has disgusting grindcore and duck sounds. It’s as if Igorrr was left in a basement for 30 years and had nothing to eat and drink but LSD, Mescal and vodka. My vocabulary doesn’t hold enough synonyms for “what the actual flying fuck is going on” to get through this album in one go.

You want another example? Listen to ‘La Roche Et Le Rouleau’, where an ear-splitting blast beat is quickly followed up by something you’d hear in an American diner. After which you’d better hold on to your hats because the circus is in town, boys and girls! I’m not kidding you – Devin Townsend wouldn’t have been able to write this and that man is as insane as they come. I don’t want to spoil the rest of this album for you – give this trip a listen!

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