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Volition - Visions Of The Onslaught

Volition - Visions Of The Onslaught

Label : Brutal Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik M. : What a blunt sound! That is the first thing that brutally enters. This thrash / death metal horde from Tulsa (USA) knows how to produce a nostalgic melting pot of metal. The band has been active since 2013 and released a single (‘Justified Mortality’) and EP (‘Vengeful Satisfaction’) in 2016. Prior to this full-length ‘Visions Of The Onslaught’ there was the demo ‘Crypts Of Flesh’, of which all three tracks can be found on this albumdebut from Volition. The music of these gentlemen is somewhat messy at times and lacks in providing a steady tight punch, something this genre needs. Yet Volition knows how to keep the attention by providing strong breaks and killer riffs. Vocally we hear a younger, more death metal oriented Mille (Kreator). The nine songs stomp like a freight train on the loose!

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