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Mors Subita - Into The Pitch Black

Mors Subita - Into The Pitch Black

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Mors Subita is a Finnish band that started around 2000 and has made a name for itself with strong riff oriented melodic death metal through various EP's, demos and a full album. Now in 2018 there is a new album through Inverse Records full of indeed strong riffs and a great feeling for a big groove. In their own words, the band is influenced by At The Gates and Carcass and the band does indeed show a good balance between aggression and melody, as their examples do also very well. The voice of Eemeli Bodde, however, is a lot less raw and slightly friendlier to the ears. Typical of the album is that there are no outliers to hear, all the songs are of the same high level. Finns have always been good in this genre and 'Into The Pitch Black' is another quality injection from Inverse Records. 'Vultures' is perhaps a favorite of mine, because of the way the song gallops forward which makes you unable to sit still. 'Fear Is Just The Beginning', on the other hand, is more a straightforward song, which puts brute power first. The band does not linger in a previously created sound, but has in small measure added some industrial influences that enrich the sound, but do not change it essentially. 'Shadows' is a bit slower than most songs and also has such a nice swinging groove and a simple but effective riff. An excellent album by Mors Subita and a big candidate for some festivals this summer.

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